Keep Developing Inborn Filter®

Production equipment

Hengshui Yinbeier Hydraulic Filter Co., Ltd. is a continuously developed manufacturer of the industrial filter element. But we can supply more than manufacture service for you. Custom and designing your needed filter elements are also what we are doing. We will try our best to maximally improve element performance extend element service life as well as save your replacement costs.

Factory Guarantee

We have a real factory and 1.48 million registered capital to guarantee large output and timely delivery for large and urgent orders.

19 Years Continuous Development

Equipment, workers, and technology keep development and improvement to meet industrial and customers' demands.

OEM & ODM Service

Manufacture, custom, and design service are ready to serve our customers best and assist them to save cost and improve performance.

International Quality Guarantee

All our products are produced according to industrial and international standards and in accord with ISO 9001 and CE Certification requirements.

Significantly Enhanced Performance

We can design and custom industrial filter elements to enhance performance and solve current problems.

Cost Saving Options

We can help you save 50% to 85% replacement cost while the performance is interchangeable with industrial OEM filter manufacturer elements.

Serve You Better
Several different types of replacement filter elements on white background.
Find A filter

Thousands of replacement filter elements are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with OEM filter manufacturer elements.

A custom replacement filter element on white background.
Custom A Filter

Our replacement filter element lists are continuously updating, if you can't find your needed information, just figure out and we will custom them for you.

A designed filter elements on white background.
Design A Filter

If the existing filter elements cannot satisfy your and your customers' needs. We will design a new element as your request.

Disclaimer: Hengshui Yinbeier Hydraulic Filter Co., Ltd. is an independent industrial filter manufacturer which can supply filter elements that are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with industrial filter elements from OEM Brands. Part numbers is for reference only. All trade names, service marks or registered trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. We does not claim to provide original filter elements of these brands.