Why Need Hydraulic Filter Elements?

Hydraulic oil is the working medium to transfer energy in the hydraulic system. 80% of the shutdowns in the hydraulic system are due to contamination. If there is no filtration system, the hydraulic oil is not clean even if the oil is new. Each node has a hydraulic filter element for filtration, to ensure that the whole system is not harmed by pollutants, normal operation.

A dirty and blocked hydraulic filter element

Hydraulic Filter Element Structures

The hydraulic filter elements are mainly composed of the support layer, filter layer, and end parts.

  • End Plates. It has top and bottom endplates to combine the whole filter elements together and easy assembly to equipment and pipelines. The endplates are commonly made of galvanized or plastic plates.
  • Inner support. Most hydraulic applications have a large pressure differential across their elements, so they need the inner support tube to increase the collapse resistance. The inner support tubes are commonly carbon steel or stainless steel perforated metal tubes.
  • Filtration materials. This is the main filtering material to increase the surface area and filtration efficiency. The filtering materials have different types:
    • Microglass fibers.
    • Filter papers.
    • Stainless steel wire mesh
    • Sintered stainless steel media.
  • Optional. Some hydraulic filter elements have additional outer support layers to withstand the high pressure and extend the element's service life.
Inner and outer structure of hydraulic oil filter elements.

Hydraulic Oil Filter Element Specifications

  • Filter material: glass fiber, filter paper, stainless steel wire mesh, sintered stainless steel meshes.
  • Filtration accuracy: 1 μm to 200 μm
  • Working pressure: 10 bar to 420 bar
  • Working temperature: -30 °C to 100 °C
  • Sealing material: nitrile, Viton, and others on request.
  • End design: single or double open end, bypass valve with opening pressure options.
A stainless steel hydraulic oil filter element shows the details.

What Types of Hydraulic Filter Elements Do We Have?

Standard hydraulic filter elements contain following types:

  • Air filter elements.
  • Suction line filter elements
  • Pressure line filter elements (low, medium, and high pressure filter elements)
  • Return line filter elements

Different applications use one or other combined filter elements for production filtration.

Several different types and structures of hydraulic filter elements

What Are the Benefits of Hydraulic Filter Elements?

  • Remove contaminants in the hydraulic system.
  • Guarantee better fluid cleanliness
  • Reduce the shutdown time and cycle.
  • Save production time, improve production efficiency.
  • Protect hydraulic system components such as fittings, hoses, valves, pumps, from contaminants.
  • Extend components and equipment service life.
  • Reduce equipment maintenance cycle and cost.
  • Save replacement filter elements than the original brands.
A hydraulic system and we can see the hydraulic filter element housing.

How to order the hydraulic filter elements?

If you wonder what you need to purchase, just supply the following data as more as possible, our professional sales will recommend the right elements for you.

Filter media.
Filter fineness.
Working pressure.
Nominal flow rate.
Working temperature.

If you have a brand and part number, just tell us and we will quote for you.

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