Our Major Management Team

We, Yinbeier Filter, are professional industrial filter element manufacturers in China. We can not only manufacture filter elements that are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with industrial OEM filter manufacturer elements, but we also can custom and design filter elements for specific equipment and environments.

Here are our major management team, which contributes to our enterprise development.

Lihua Cao

Founder & Chairman

Lihua Cao is the Founder and CEO of Yinbeier Filter, which he started from his dorm room in 2003.

At the beginning of enterprise establishment, Lihua acted as the engineer, designer, and support representative for the entire.

Lihua leads a talented, results-driven team known for its reputation for providing comprehensive, integrated marketing and strategic communications counsel that drives real business results.

A portrait of Clair Cao

Claire Cao

Chief Executive Officer

Claire Cao contributes to enterprise development with 12 years of experience building new businesses and transforming legacy business models.

Claire combines traditional manufacturing with Internet sales. She expanded the markets of enterprises and brings more trading opportunities with customers from all over the world.

A portrait of Ligang Cao

Ligang Cao

Chief Operating Officer

Manage and coordinate department cooperation to ensure the stable operation of company's operating system, and report the major issues to the chairman.

Assess the impact of major information technologies, and provide opinions and suggestions for the introduction of advanced information technology.

Set up the supply chain, manage and promote the QC system stable operation to guarantee our qualified products.

Wenzhen Xu

Chief Financial Officer

Formulate the company's financial objectives, policies and operating procedures, and report to the chairman and the board of directors according to the authorization.

Establish and improve the organizational structure of the company's financial system, clarify position responsibilities, ensure the quality of financial accounting information, reduce operating and management costs, ensure smooth information, and improve work efficiency.

Qing Fan

Vice president of the marketing

Pay close attention to the domestic and international industry trends and keep our products and productions are accord with industrial market trends.

Participated in hydraulic filter exhibitions all over the world for ground promotion of our brand and our enterprise products.

Organized a professional and rigorous international trade team to serve our honored customers better.

Jichao Cao

Vice president of technology

Develop a new product development plan and demonstrate the feasibility of the plan to maintain our products is continuously developing and improvement.

Research new product development, supervise and manage the progress and quality of R&D work and lead the research department to propose effective solutions when research meets obstacles.