Sophisticated Equipment & Skilled Workers

Equipment & Production
Several air dust collector filter element on the production line.

Production line

Yinbeier Filter started the factory in 2003 by producing and researching hydraulic filter elements. Through 19 years of development, we have more than 10 production lines that cover hydraulic oil, air dust, water, compressed air, fuel, and coolants industrial filter elements.

The annual output is more than 100 million filter elements, which can satisfy the large and urgent orders of our customers.

Several filter element equipment in the workshop.


We brought in more than 200 sophisticated pieces of equipment from foreign and all technicians are trained to adjust, repair, and maintain machines. The equipment will be inspected regularly to ensure all machines are in good condition and can produce accurate size products.

Develop technologies to improve production efficiency, reduce production loss and save production costs.

A worker is supervise the machine operation.


Our technical department will organize training regularly to learn the latest production technology. Besides, they will discuss the problems encountered and find the best solutions timely.

Through continuous development, our technology has been improved more than 50 times and the production loss is reduced greatly.

Several skilled workers are assembling hydraulic filter elements in the workshop.

Skilled workers

We have more than 500 workers until now and half of our workers have more than 3 years working experience and all positions implement a competitive recruitment system. Only after training and passing the assessment can they be employed. And the company regularly organize training and assessment to ensure that all staff are in the best condition and can get the latest technology and skills.

Several different types of hydraulic filter element on white background.

Industrial Hydraulic Oil Filter

Two excavator filter elements on gray background.

Engineering Machinery Hydraulic Oil Filter

Several different sizes of air dust collector filter cartridges.

Air Dust Filter

Several different types and materials of air compressor filter element.

Air Compressor Filter

Four different colors and filtration fineness air compressor line filter cartridge on gray background.

Compressed Air Inline Filter

Several different types of water filter cartridges on white background.

Water Filter

Several different coalescer and separator filter elements on gray background.

Fuel Gas Filter

Three rolls of coolant filter paper with different length.

Coolant Filter