Why Need Compressed Air Line Filter Elements?

Compressed air is the main security energy in large-scale industrial production. While the larger particles will be removed by the air compressor filter elements itself, but the oil, water, and tiny particles containment will enter the equipment along with compressor air. Uncleaned compressor air can be very harmful to equipment, it may cause pipeline and core components breakage, increase downtime and reduce the equipment service life. Moreover, it will cause high maintenance and energy cost. So precision filtration of compressed air is particularly important.

Four hankison precision air filter elements are installed in the compressed air system.

What are the Functions of In-Line Filter Elements?

In-line filter elements are installed front and back of dryers in the compressed air system, they can help:

  • Remove oil, water, and other contaminants from compressed air and supply high-quality compressed air.
  • Protect pipes, valves, and pneumatic components.
  • The in-line filter elements are manufactured from epoxy resin and fibers without silicon resin, which can minimize the pressure drop by 40%.
  • Low maintenance cost and low consumption.
Lots of oil, water and particles are filtered out by compressed air line filter elements.

What Types of Compressed Air Line Filter Elements DO We have?

We can supply original and OEM compressed air line filter elements for customers, main brands include hankison, Atlas, Domnick Hunter, BEA and others.

You can browse and search the brands and part numbers or you can contact us for more brands and models of air line filter elements.

Several different sizes and colors of line filter elements.

Where Line Filter Cartridges Are Used For?

The line filter cartridges are installed at the front and back of the dryers in compressed air system, including Regenerative desiccant dryers and refrigerated dryers.

They are widely used in:

  • Electronic component manufacturing
  • Spraying system
  • Food and drinking conveying system.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
The compressed air system including air compressor, air tank and air dryer.